I have a few questions really. 1. Is this site good if I want to build others sites? 2. Do I need a license to do that? 3. Is this site good for build games for iOS? 4. If so can I charge people for buying my app? And 5. If yes to that one how do I receive payment? Thanks! 

Hi Roman,

1. By "this site" you mean the OutSystems Platform I suppose. I recommend that you check this section in order to better understand the OutSystems technology

2. You can start developing with the OutSystems platform for free:

3. The OutSystems platform is suited for developing web and mobile enterprise-grade apps. If your game is simple and doesn't involve complex graphics, you can probably do it in OutSystems.

4. App monetization is up to you. Once you generate your application using the platform you can upload to the Apple store and manage the way you want.