Re: Help Building Mindfulness/Meditation/Self Hypnosis App


Re: Help Building Mindfulness/Meditation/Self Hypnosis App

I’m looking for someone who can help me build App(s) with the following specifications….

My Brief:

1) My niche market is the Mindfulness/Meditation/Self Hypnosis field

2) The product is a music file that has gentle relaxation music that the customer will listen to for ten minutes at a time.

- Underneath the music is the product

- The product is made of various bioresonance frequencies to help manage issues, such as: Stress management, Fear of Flying, Sound sleep, etc

3) The music file with the bioresonance program would then be put into the App

- The App would be a FREE download and customers would be able to listen to the track for the first 5 – 7 plays

- Afterwards, to continue to listen to the “Stress” program there would be a small charge to continue to play the Stress program.

4) I would like to offer customers promotions and loyalty incentives to try and buy other programs

5) Subscription model

- Customers would also be able to subscribe and become part of our community

- Benefits would include special prices on other program/products in the range

- Customers would also be able to order a personalised version of the program made to their specific requirements, which might cover a combination of issues, i.e. Overcoming fears, Increased Self Confidence, Removing Negative Belief, etc  

6) I want to create Native Apps – so that they can be uploaded onto Google Play and Apple iStore

7) The App(s) would need to be uploaded on both Google Play and Apple iStore

I’d like to hear from anyone who can help with this project

Many thanks


Hi Roosevelt, 

Have you tried posting this on our Community Job Board?