Can I create dynamic Combo Box without ajax process ?

Hi guys,

At the moment I'm thinking about how to create a dynamic combo box without using onChange action on the combo box. So the condition is I have two combo boxes on a web page. For example Combobox_no1 and Combobox_no2. Combobox_no2 using aggregate with a parameter of the selected data in combobox_no1.

Common ways that I use is to utilize the onChange action on Combobox_no1. In it, aggregate and combo box widget for Combobox_no2 be refreshed using ajax process.

On the condition of a slow Internet connection, people who use this web page must first wait for ajax process is completed then the person can get the correct results from Combobox_no2.

When the person does not know if ajax process has not been completed, the person can still get results from combobox_no2, but when ajax process is complete, it makes combobox_no2 refreshed, and the person must choose the correct data again from combobox_no2.

It is very disturbing. So can I use other ways besides ajax process to get the same results ?


Hi Philip,

Mobile or web? 

For mobile you can use the local storage to create the functionality and then it should even work without internet connection.

For web preferably you have an internet connection that at least perform for basic usage, like ajax refreshes and aggregates, otherwise you can't even load your page in the first place.

As a work-around, you can add some javascript which loads all values in the preparation and when you want to change combo2, use the values from the js array instead of an aggregate, this should be faster.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga