Why is Empty Espace (after clone) still using 1.4MB


I have an empty eSpace that is occupying 1.4 MB (Outsystems 10)

Does any one know why? (I've attached it to the post).

A blank eSpace occupies under 100 KB and a blank responsive eSpace is under 700 KB so I would like to understand why this one is using 1.4 MB without any code (or theme)

I had cloned it from a previous eSpace that was using > 3 MB but after removing all the code it's not the same size as blank eSpace.

The bigger the eSpace the more time it takes to publish and consumes more database space.


Good question! I would also like to know why.


I've seen this happen in the past (a module that had 40MB of resources kept the information about them even after delete). But was never able to replicate the problem.

Do you have any idea on how to replicate it?

Attached you can find your module really "clean".

I'll pass this thread to the team responsible so they can followup.

João Rosado

Hi João,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have the original eSpace which is 2.8 MB which I can send if needed (just not on the forum) and I can replicate it from this file.

Best of luck to the team since this situation undermines the clone feature.

If you do a submit feedback from Service Studio with that module (and explaining the issue a little bit there) it would be great! :)


João Rosado