Native mobile app to display Twitter feed without account?


Hope you are doing well. For those with the necessairy knowledge to shine a light on my problem:

I am trying to integrate the Twitter connector in a mobile application with native functionality.

So far I have not yet succeeded. 

Question 1) 

Is this only doable in a mobile web application?

Question 2)

Is it possible to display a twitter feed without the user having to log in / get directed to twitter log in first?

(if I could send the credentials of my twitter testaccount with the application and not having to show log in to users, that would work too)

Thanks in advance for reading!


To briefly answers your questions:

1) No, but not with the current twitter connector from the forge. You'll need to change it, because in its current state it only works for (mobile) web applications and not for native mobile apps.

2) Yes.

What you need to do inside the actions (in the TwitterConnector module) that you want to use, is just start by calling the "SetTwitterToken" action just after the start node.

You fill in the following parameters: Token, TokenSecret, APIKey and APISecret. (generated on your twitter api account)

I have only tested this approach with the "Search_Tweets" action, as part of a "Proof of concept". But it worked flawless.


Tim, thank you for your well put and straight to the point solution; it worked perfectly!