Clearing Persistent Login Cookie on Mobile after logout


I have a problem the login cookie for a user  for the persistent login does not get cleared on logout. I log out of the mobile application and kill the application. When I reopen the application it logs me in again.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Hi Lucas,

are you logged in just in the device or also in the server?

Hi Pedro

I am only logged in on the device.

Can you debug your application using Chrome Dev tools to check if after the logout call the server response sets new (anonymous) cookies?

I went down that avenue and it does set new cookies. When i log out it does. Then I quit the application and relaunch it and I am logged in automatically. I did notice that if you wait for 10 mins or so then this does not occur. 

We recently solved an issue on the native shell that would lead to the behavior you are experiencing.

If the problem persists after doing a freshly made native build, please contact our support team.