QueueExceedMaximumSize for Mobile_Request log


Sometimes on my native app I have this error in logs QueueExceedMaximumSize for Mobile_Request log 

What is that and how can I fix this as it brakes some of my app flows.

Thank you.


Hi Nykola,

Check how is the status of your log service queues. How high are those queue numbers?  https://www.screencast.com/t/kJ6gUhb5

Also your application should not be affected by those as errors writing logs should only be logged, not causing application impact. What do you see wrong on your application?

Can you open a support case with this?

Edit: as a workaround you may disable the "Activity Logging" for your module in the Operations tab in the module configuration in Service Center. But that will disable all the logging related to that module, so consider only doing that temporarily if you don't want to lose many logs.


João Rosado


Hi João,

I don't see that Log service at all on my environment health tab...

On our app what happens as at certain point before after some logic involving local notifications set should redirect to another screen but sometimes there redirection doesn't fire so app stuck on previous screen and  this error appears in logs. That's why I suspect they are related.


What type of environment is that? OutSystems Cloud Trial Environment?

From the screenshot it looks like it since it doesn't let you into the details of the services.

Other than my previous recommendation to turn off the activity logging of your application I can only recommend you to open a Support Ticket. They will be able to help you clear the queue that is full and identify if there is a platform issue causing it.

After that I would like to know if it was he cause as your applicational problems, as it should not be affected by any problems in the logging.


João Rosado

Hi Mykola.

My personal enviroment is showing this same log message. Did you find a solution for it ?


Luciano Guimaraes