Get data with more than a week

Get data with more than a week


Hi guys!

I am trying to create a filter to get data with more than a week to a table, i mean, all content created before that, but i am not getting there. 

Any help will be good!



It would help us a lot if you provide us with the aggregate you are struggling with.

Hi Gatts,

You would use the AddDays() built in function passing in your date and -7 to go back a week.

So something like Assistencia.Data < AddDays(CurrDate(), - 7)

Let me know if you have any trouble,


Yeah, i tried that before too.

But the < operator cannot work with date or datetime.


I use the > and < comparators with dates all the time. What leads you to think this doesn't work?


Sry if i am doing this wrong.

Tks for the help!


That error is because you are trying to compare a Date to a DateTime, so you need to convert the date time to date using the built in function 'DateTimeToDate()'

DateTimeToDate(AddDays(CurrDate(), -7))

Let me know if you have any other troubles,



It worked!

Really helpfull Justin, tks a lot!