Can i send record list to eamil as input parameter?


I have a record list and need to send this as a input parameter to Email widget. Could you please reply the answers ,if any one already tried this.




Hi Subbu,

As e-mail screens are screens, just as with web screens, you cannot pass a record list. The parameters of a web screen are passed in the URL, and passing a large record list would not be possible. Generally to get around this, there are a few things you can do:

1) If the list is guaranteed to be relatively short, you could turn it into JSON and back, and pass it as a Text parameter. Only suitable for small lists!

2) You can create an Entity that will hold the data, save the content of the list to the entity along with some unique ID, and pass the ID to the e-mail screen. In the Preperation, you use the ID to retrieve the data using an Aggregate, and turn it into a record list again. Either delete the data in the Preperation or in the calling action.

3) If you want to put the content of the record list in an Excel file and e-mail the file, you can create an Entity that holds the Binary representing the Excel file. Pass the Id of the record to the e-mail screen, which will (in the Preperation) retrieve the binary and enclose it.


Hi subramanyam e,

You cannot send record list as Input parameter to email list.

You can pass one input parameter of Id type to email make one aggregate in preparation of email screen and pass result of that aggregate to email.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade