In OutSystems 10, when publishing an espace, you must hit continue after a certain number of warnings for the publish to move forward.  Therefore, you cannot do an unattended publish.  Does anyone know how to turn this feature off ?

Hi Adam,

There is no way to do this with LifeTime directly, but you can use the Automatic Deployment API to implement a simplified version of LifeTime that can handle unattended deployments.

I've created a plugin on the Forge which you can use to deploy (groups of) applications using a REST api in an unattended way.

If you want to implement your own tooling, you can use this plugin as a reference.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Thanks Remco.  Since the Continue requirement was added in version 10 I was hoping there was a simple way to shut it off.  I have been doing semi-unattended installs through Service Center for years (initiate the publish by hand and then let it finish on its own) and only with version 10 did I lose that ability.  

I will definitely take a look at your plugin to see if that will make more sense than switching to fully attended publishes.