[jQueryCounterAnimation] Count minutes using this component

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Published on 2016-12-27 by Ana Leal
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Published on 2016-12-27 by Ana Leal

Hi Ana,

I'm using your component to count a large period (for example one week) in minutes. Really, I need to count minutes while occurs an event (indefinitely). After to do some tests, I defined parameters to simulate a minute counter. But this not worked properly. Can you suggest me anything?

Thank you,


Hi Roberto,

this component only make an animation from point "a" to "b" if you want to measure a minute it will be data-from="0",  data-to="60" anda data-speed="60000".


Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your attention!

Can you give me the parameters to count during 1 hour?

Best Regards,


Hi Roberto,

sorry for the late response :(

To count during 1 hour you need to pass data-from="0",  data-to="3600" anda data-speed="3600000", because the data-speed is counted in milliseconds.


Ana Leal

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your attention! I forgot to say that I want to count during 1 hour, but showing a minutes counter. I tested with your parameters, but seems to be in seconds.

Best regards,



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