I'm looking for a way to find all TrueChange warnings that exist in all modules in my platform.  My assumption at this point is that they only exist in ServiceStudio.  Does anyone happen to know the TrueChange warnings are stored in the database anywhere or if they are accessible via API?

Hi Bill,

As far as I know, they are generated on the fly during compilation of the xml of the eSpace. The only places you can see then are in Service Studio (per eSpace) and in Service Center when deploying a solution. In the log of the deployed solution you see all warnings and to-do's of all the deployed eSpaces. 

Kind regards, Remco

Hi Remco,  Thanks for your reply.  I've looked around for about an hour and I can seem to find the log you're referring to.  Could you help point me to the right place?  I found a tables called "Publishing" and "PublishingTrace" but they don't seem to contain the information I'm looking for.  I also see system tables called "Recompilation_Errors_Log" and "Recompilation_Log".  No luck with those either.


They are only kept inside the modules and displayed in Service Studio. They sometimes appear in the publication logs (in the screen) like Remco said but only when there are upgrades.

I looked it up and couldn't find a supported way to do this or even to automatize it...but if you just want to make it one shot:

 - Create a solution with all your modules
 - Download the solution file
 - (Not officially supported, may not work in the future) Unpack the .osp file like it was a zip file
 - For each .oml in there call Service Studio with the -u command line option
       - Like this: ServiceStudio.exe -u file.oml verify.xml
       - Note that this command line is normally used for upgrades, and some upgrades may require server connectivity (more parameters in the command line), but if your modules are all upgraded to the last major just those 2 parameters should be fine
 - (Not documented format, may change in the future) Process the generated xml files for the messages

As a side note: Stay away from any system entity that say "Internal use only." as they are only public for legacy reasons and using them will only make your future upgrades harder. It's very probable that many of them will stop being available in the next major.

João Rosado