Hi Team, 

In outsystem 8, I used to assign 'itemstyle' to combo box and use RunJavaScript to execute below script, it renders the page and triggers the change event of the combo box. 


this feature is not working on outsystem 9, is there any underlying changes to the javascript library or any syntax failure. I am looking for ways to trigger the onchange event of the combo box on page load in outsystem 9 version. 

Hi Vasanth.

Could it be that the event name should be "change" instead of "onchange"? It seems to me that would be more correct, but I don't know if "onchange" used to work in version 8.

Try this script, and let me know if it works:


i noticed this, but this is not working still. 

Hi Vasanth.

It seems that the platform bypasses the ajax request if the value that is selected on the combo is the same as the last value sent to the server. So it seems that this method (triggering the change event) should only work if really there was some change on the combo value.

Again, I'm not sure if this was indeed changed between versions 8 and 9.

What I would suggest in your scenario, is to use a hidden button on the screen (for example inside a container with Display=False), and then you can trigger the "click" event. That should definetely work.

Best regards,

Leonardo Fernandes