Slowness when opening webscreen in service studio 10.0.407.0

Slowness when opening webscreen in service studio 10.0.407.0

I'm slow to open a Webscreen or Web Block, all designer items are about 20 seconds to open, but other operations are normal.

Setting Up My Notebook:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
I7-5500u Processor
8GB of RAM

It is not processing, neither memory nor disk space, I am in a corporate network and only I have this problem

Hi Marcio,

You probably have some external CSS being loaded from the network which is taking some time to load. Try disconnecting the computer from the network and check if the problem persists.


I took a test out of the network and it worked fast.Thank you very much!


I'm having the same problem - I'm behind a corporate proxy and, in Service Studio, the web screens/blocks take a long time to be displayed. I believe João is right but disconnecting from the network is not a real solution.

Does anybody know how to configure the network settings on Windows so this problem can be avoided? Or, maybe, there is some configuration to be done in Service Studio?