Am I the only one that sometimes clicks the "Compare and Merge with Published Version" instead of "Manage Dependencies" and then clicks several times on "Cancel" without any response? I'm never able to cancel the action...

Hi mariap,

This is indeed a strange behavior. When you click the "Compare & Merge" option you see a popup that is loading something. What you also see, is that this screen looks like it's blinking.

In fact the systems is running several processes after each other (I think it's something like loading two eSpaces, extracting the xml's, comparing the xml's and loading the merge tool), which in the end shows the merge window. Everytime a new process starts, the screen blinks (closes the previous one and starts the new one).

In order to be able to use the cancel, in theory you would have to cancel every step, but the cancel has been disabled by OutSystems for this functionality, because it might cause some strange errors if you only cancel several of those steps.

An improvement on the loading of this function would be to run it in one master process with only one window that could be cancelled, rolling back all processed steps, but this functionality is missing in OutSystems Service Studio.

I believe that this is an issue with a very low priority, because you can cancel after the merge window is loaded and the current way it works doesn't break anything.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga