I am trying to use the Date input and utilize the Prompt in my mobile app. The prompt works for all other Data types as far as I can tell, but Date is not working.

It seems to work properly with the browser emulators, but on both my Android and Apple devices I cannot see a prompt when date is set to NullDate().  

Hello Christopher,

The prompt that you mentioned is the property Prompt of the widget input specified in Service Studio, or the default prompt of a date type specified by the browser (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy)?

The prompt in the Widget. this is working fine in the emulator on the browser but I cannot get it to show up in any of the devices. if Date is null the field is blank


Hi Christopher,

Unfortunately the browser is replacing your custom prompt property. 

What we can do is to apply a CSS class to the element case it's empty and have a CSS rule to fill the input content with your message.

There's an example in attachment that should work.

Please let me know if it solves your problem.

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Thanks! that worked out nicely. I had to also remove the "form-control" CSS class. 

Great to know that it worked.

Have a nice day!


I had the same problem and the workaround helped me too.

Will this be treated as a bug or enhancement and included in the default behaviour of the control.

Hi Gert-Jan,

Since this is a browser built-in behavior/bug and there's not much we can do about it. I've found this workaround in some other technology forums with people struggling with the same issue. We hope they change this behavior in the future.

We have no plans to implement a automatic workaround for this (at least for now).

best regards,