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                   what is the functionality of below flow and the use of list append and explain the logic of the flow

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Hi Karthik,

I believe this is part of the online web training related to the star webblock? Am I right?

The preparation action has the Rating and MaxRating as inputs.

The screen has a list which shows either a red or a white star.

What this action does, is to convert from the two inputs to a list of values that will feed the list on the screen.

For example, the Rating is 3 and the MaxRating is 5.

What will happen is that for a count from 0 - 4 (The first if: 4<5 = true, 5<5 = false) a list is appended with a record. (True If Count < Rating Else False)

The Counter is updated with Counter + 1.

When the list has 5 elements (The first three stars will be red, the last two will be white), the list is returned to the screen and the stars list is loaded.

Hope this explains the flow.

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Remco Dekkinga