[BUG FOUND] Initial Value on Popup Screen

I create a form from an entity. The entity has a column integer. I assign the value in preparation action to the widget form field and also  in the prompt property, but the initial value is always resetted to zero. 

How to give initial value for a field (integer) in the pop up screen? 

thank you

Hi, the widget form field will always be overwritten by Source Record after Preparation.

Try to set default value to Source Record instead (might be Aggregate result).

here the field of type number

here the assign to 1 in popup preparation

here the result "0", not "1" on the popup screen:

I think it is a bug in outsystems..the slider in the right of the widget field does not work properly to show the correct value.



Hi, as I have said before, you cannot set Form Widget's Record attribute in Preparation.

Form Widget's Record will be populated with Source Record/Aggregate AFTER Preparation.

You should set your Source Record/Aggregate attribute instead AFTER executing aggregate.

Here's my proof (OML attached):

Preparation in Popup:


It happens when the property Null Value is also set with the same value with the initial value - in this case both are set with value 1. The Null with value 1 takes higher precedence so it displays "blank". The other with display "1" is in lower precedence.

And it is correct that the Aggregate value, not the widget value is initialized to 1 as shown by Harlin.