Be Part of the OutSystems Alumni Network!

 Be Part of the OutSystems Alumni Network!


OutSystems is proud to announce our new alumni network!

This will be showcased as OutSystems School on Linkedin, where all our developers will be able to see their peers. 

Now you can add your courses and certifications to your profile in the Education area and showcase your expertise in OutSystems! Anyone who has taken and completed a course, bootcamp, training or certification is welcome to add it to their profile.

Just follow these steps if you’re not sure how to do it.

  1. Go to your profile and under Education add OutSystems as a school:

  2. Add your courses, bootcamps and certifications either under the Degree or Field of Study section. We recommend adding a description about what you’ve accomplished. 

  3. Click Save. You’re now part of the Official OutSystems Alumni Page!

Welcome to the OutSystems Alumni Network!