[Progress Bar Widget] Progress bar if statement

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Published on 2012-03-12 by Rodrigo Castelo
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Published on 2012-03-12 by Rodrigo Castelo


I do not fully understand how to use this progress bar. I have tried, in the progress section doing a series of if statements: 

(If(CustomerDetailForm.Record.CustomerDetails.CustomerName <> "", 50, 0) + If(CustomerDetailForm.Record.CustomerDetails.ValueOfAsset <> "", 25, 0) + If(CustomerDetailForm.Record.CustomerDetails.Deposit<> "", 25, 0))

I was then planning to add "onChange" actions to these elements in the form to refresh it when that section was complete.

However the progress bar will not accept this if statement, I am unsure how to use this to show progress for a form. Please advise.

Many thanks in advance


Hello Ashton, can you offer a sample of your space to try to help you?