[FullCalendar 2] Usage of a FullCalendar2 widget within a Tab (of Web Patterns) widget

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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina
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Published on 13 Jan by Grazina

Hi dear all, 

can I ask, if I use a FullCalendar2 within a Tab (as within Web Patterns), the calendar won't show unless I have clicked any one of the buttons within FullCalendar2. 

Attached is the screen shot.

How can I get the FullCalendar2 to show up effectively before any click is done.


FullCalendar2 User

Might be something wrong with the default date (input parameter). What did you put there?

Looking at your screenshot, the 'today' button is not 'pressed' in, which means the defaultdate you used might be wrong. Maybe a dateformat issue