Calculating technical debt using NDepend

Calculating technical debt using NDepend



Did anyone ever tried this?

I guess I need to export the application to begin with.

I would appreciate your input. Thanks.



Hi Simon,

I've never tried this specific tool, but I have read the sourcecode generated by OutSystems and had it analyzed by an external party.

For instance, you can validate the generated code and the outcome might be that there is some technical dept in your code, because you have some duplicated code, which means you have to maintain your sourcecode in two places.

When opening OutSystems, you find out that this is a webblock used in two different screens and therefore it doesn't need to be maintained twice.

What I'm trying to say here is that the sourcecode that is generated by OutSystems is much more difficult to maintain than the eSpaces you create and therefore the outcome of such tools doesn't represent the technical dept for OutSystems.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Makes sense.

So I guess we need tooling to analyse the metadata in OutSystems itself.

I noticed that Mendix joined forces with the Software Improvement Group (SIG):

Resulting in Mendix Application Quality Monitor:

Does OutSystems have similar tooling available next to the Discovery tool?