FAQ forge component?

Is there an FAQ component or has someone developed something like it that they could share?

Hi Steve,

I don't know any FAQ component. Maybe you could search for it inside some apps in Forge.

What are you expecting from a FAQ component?


António Pereira

Thanks for responding Antonio.  Sorry for not replying sooner.  I was looking for something that could build up a knowledge base.  a bit like the forge's own FAQ/Knowledge base function.  I did a search.  Nothing that I could see would work.

Hi Steve,

I've developed and shared on forge an FAQs web app:


I hope that suits your needs.

Best regards,

João Nobre

Hello João

This FAQ web app is nice.

But to be more easy to all new outsystems users, you could in forge refer all the dependencies necessary. As in other forge applications

Thanks for your contribution

Hello Alberto,

I published a new version with the dependencies correctly set (I had to publish the extension "HTMLtoDOCX", that is used by "FAQs", to forge).

Best regards,

João Nobre

Hi Joao, 

Thanks for letting me know about your component and well done on creating it. I'll have a test and see if it suits my projects needs.