more than one listbox strange behaviour

For dynamically (updated aggregate) listboxes:

a) First listbox: on onchange event>foreach through data>if for bool select, working fine

b) Second listbox: onchange event>foreach through data>on if for bool select, working fine

c) add third list box, do exactly the same as listbox1 and 2 above , doesn't work. Debugging: shows the listbox data shows as empty (watch - no data) although you can see data in the listbox

When the aggregate was updated (and yes both aggregate and listbox gets refreshed) you can see in debugging the data is there as well as displayed. In onchange the data is still displaying but the data for the listbox says it is empty

Hi Joseph,

Have you already submitted this problem? Can you do it?



With the help of outsystems the problem is resolved. Evidently using an aggregate wasnt working reliably with the listbox, but when a local variable was used and the aggregate values was copied into this variable (listbox looks at variable not aggregate) then it behaved consistantly 

I will also submit it as a problem as I think you should be able to use aggregates with controls