[InAppBrowser Plugin] Disallow Overscroll Flag in InAppBrowser

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Published on 2018-09-26 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-09-26 by OutSystems R&D

On some iPad devices, the InAppBrowser was not opening. 

Took awhile for me to figure this out, so I thought might as well share it here. 

As you can see from my attachment, the disallow overflow flag is set as a text. This created problems in some older version of iPads. The issue is that there is a parsing function that is expecting a boolean type and changes the boolean to "yes" or "no".

2 ways to get round this. 

1. Change the disallowoverscroll type to boolean. 

2. Instead of setting True or False when setting the options, you can put in the string "yes" or "no".

Hope it helps someone. :)

Thanks for the sharing Stephen! Great community spirit.