Tabel Records Line Count: problem changing value dynamically

Hi all,

In some places I use a session variable for the Line Count parameter of a Table Record list. The session variable is initially set when starting the app, reading the user preferences from the database and set the session variable. (in this example Session.Lines_GlobalSearch)

So far so good.

When the user changes his/her preferences and saves them, at the same time I use an assign to change the value of the session variable. When reloading the page with the concerning Table Record list, still the old value of Line Count is effective. Reloading the page with Ctrl-R of F5 doesn't make any difference.

The only thing that works is having the user signing off and signing in again (thereby reloading and setting the user preferences); now the new value is in effect.

Someone recognizing this? Any way to haven the Line Count changed without signing off and signing in again?

Hi Charles,

The attached oml exemplifies your issue?

In my case, it works fine.


António Pereira