In the latest Gartner report it lists OutSystems has a web-based IDE that can be used instead of the Desktop Service Studio.

How do I access this?



Hi Dwight, 

For now, that is an experimental web version which appears to first-time mac users. In reality, it's only a remote desktop to a windows machine, and should be used solely for evaluation (i.e. doing the tutorials).  There are several limitations:

  • only 1 module at a time can be opened
  • when idle for 15 minutes it will disconnect
  • only works online and responsiveness will depend on your connection
  • it won't remember your connection settings
  • you can't access environments that are only inside your corporate network
  • it's not possible to debug
  • it's not possible to save files
  • it's not possible to upload application icons

 If you want to do real work, I would advise to use a virtual machine (e.g. parallels) on your mac and install Service Studio there. 

Tiago Simões


Thanks for the info.