[OS10, JAVA] Need measurement data

I need some performance measurements in a webapp which is then placed in an Excel sheet.

Normally I would do this with the Ticks extension. However this is a Java installation so no Ticks extension. Working with Time() doesn't give me something smaller the a second (which is too big). 

Is there an easy way to add measurements (ticks or millisecs) to my webapp?


If you are working with java, please try to use 1. getTime() from date object 2. GetTimeInMillis() from calendar object 3. System.currentTimeMillis() . All these results in retiring milli seconds. You can subtract the start and end milliseconds and then convert milli seconds to seconds.


Sridhar. S


For now we have solved this by using the available functionality in the Oracle datebase. Basically this works with the Select of the 'systimestamp' function on Dual. Maybe this is not the most accurate measurement but it certainly is much more accurate then using just seconds.