[New reCAPTCHA] Captcha Inconsistent Loading of Images

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Published on 2018-06-01 by Renato Nascimento
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Published on 2018-06-01 by Renato Nascimento

Hi! Need your help. The captcha is not consistent with the loading of images. Sometimes, it shows and usually it doesn't. Only the check button is visible. 

Do you have a printscreen to attach? All I can imagine it's some networking issue. But help me investigating

Hello Feliz Parinas.

The new recaptcha from Google doesn't display images at all. Just a checkbox. It tracks the movements of your mouse as you click on the checkbox, and uses that information to decide if you are a robot or not.

Only if it cannot decide with certainty that you are not a robot, it will ask you to identify some images. In my experience, this seems to happen if you are very fast to click on it.