When trying to execute start the OutSystems Configuration Tool. As the root user, execute: /opt/outsystems/platform/ The following error is presented.

===== Restarting OutSystems Services =====

Stopping RMI Registry Service                              [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Deployment Controller Service          [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Deployment Service                     [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Log Service                            [  OK  ]

Stopping OutSystems Scheduler Service                      [  OK  ]

Starting RMI Registry Service                              [  OK  ]

Starting OutSystems Deployment Controller Service[WARNING]

Starting OutSystems Deployment Service                     [  OK  ]

Starting OutSystems Log Service                            [  OK  ]

Service Center Installer v10.0.408.0

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to obtain the connection string. Please run Configuration Tool.

        at outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.Settings.$wfd(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.Settings.get(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.Settings.isInitalizedPersistentSettings(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.scinstaller.ServiceCenterInstaller.$vqc(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.scinstaller.ServiceCenterInstaller.mainWithExitCode(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.scinstaller.ServiceCenterInstaller.main(Unknown Source)

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to obtain the connection string. Please run Configuration Tool.

        at outsystems.internal.db.DatabaseAccess.createPlatformDatabaseAccessProvider(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.internal.db.DatabaseAccess.<init>(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.internal.db.DatabaseAccess.getCurrent(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.internal.db.DatabaseAccess.forSystemDatabase(Unknown Source)

        at outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.Settings.$wzc(Unknown Source)

        ... 6 more


Upgrade the CentOS operating system beyond version 6.8.  



cat /etc/redhat-release

Operation Systems Linux CentOs 6.6

yum update

cat /etc/redhat-release

Operation Systems Linux CentOs 6.9

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