So, I'm trying to submit my first p10 mobile app for Apple App Store approval and I'd like it NOT to be available on iPad. The current .ipa the platform is generating is targeting both iPhone and ipad.

I know in Xcode a target device could be defined, and the options there are the same as the options shown when we create a new mobile application in Service Studio. The thing is, I wasn't the one who created the application in Service Studio, so I don't know which option was picked.

So, in summary, my questions are:

1) Does picking "Phone" when I create a new mobile application make the generated iOS app target only iPhone and not iPad?

2) is there any way to change that target after the application is created?


Hey, João,

Regarding question 1), there's a preference you can use for iOS named 'target-device', which Cordova uses to map that exact setting.

As for question 2), I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that comes down to the submissions themselves: if you generate and submit an IPA targeted for 'universal', your submission will be usable and accessible for both iPhones and iPads. If you then generate and submit one for, say, 'tablet', then that upload will be pushed to iPads alone, keeping the iPhone version's last version as the latest.

Hope that clears it up!

Best regards,

Carlos Simões