Rename module but old name is still visible


I have a module in a web application we developed, that was renamed and published over but I am still able to connect to the old module name. How can I rectify this.

For example the module was named Screen_UI, so to access the website I would go to http://myservername/Screen_UI    to get to the website but I renamed the module to Screen,  so now I am able to go to  http://myservername/Screen   to access the website, which is correct as expected but we still have access to the previous URL which is   http://myservername/Screen_UI . How can this be removed?

Can this issue be resolved easily?

Can you see the old module in ServiceCenter? If you can, delete it there.

If you want a more invasive approach, you can delete the application from your deployed application, for examples, if you use .Net, you can go to your IIS and delete/undeploy the application there.

Thanks for your reply João, but I don't think i have access to the IIS server, our configuration is on the cloud.


Do you mean Outsystems Enterprise Cloud? Outsystems Personal Cloud? Or any other Cloud?

In the first 2 cases, you can reach out to Outsystems support, and they get rid of it.


Yes it is the Outsystems Enterprise Cloud, thanks a lot, i will do that