Timeout when uploading large files

Hi, Everyone

I'm using the multiplefile uploader and when I try to upload files bigger than 4mb the following error occurs after a while:

What can I do to mitigate the error? The error is on our DEV and Test environments.

The multiple fileuploader demo doesn't give this error!

Looking forward to your responses.

Have you looked into the way the demo stores the files, what do you do different as the demo? Maybe you are searching for the filename if it exists already in the entity, when the binary content is in the same table after a while the searches will be longer because of the binary content, store the binary content in a different entity as the metadata.


Hi, Wim

I'm using the the component exactly the same as the demo. It works on smaller sized files 100%, only bigger sized files are giving errors.

Why do you say that it's a timeout?

Most likely it is reaching a upload size limit on some proxy / load balancer. There is a thread related to that in the comppnent support subforum (without a solution that does not involve changing server configurations).

Can you give it a try to this component instead?


Not sure how different it is, but in the description it states that chunks are supported.


João Rosado