Can an application connect multiple sql connection?

We are currently transitioning from manual of operating the application (upload/insert/queries) to automating with timer.

Truth to be told we have to upload 20 files (Excel) on average 150,000 recordlines each file.

Because the files are from the client and xlsx I need to replace the header of each file into an header that is uploadable using ExcelToRecordList

Once uploaded, we need to summarized, merge with different databases.

Essentially we will be needing 3 timers: upload, summarized, merge and in that order only

So I need to setup say upload at 1am, summarized at 2am, merge at 3am.

But what if my client base grow I would need to upload more files which is going to take more than an hour, then I need to push the timers back and back

Is there a way I can connect two different database connection and then separate the client by east coast vs west coast?

Hi David,

Can you explain a bit better what consists the "Once uploaded, we need to summarized, merge with different databases." part?

From your description of the problem it was also not clear to me some points:

- are the 20 files respecting the same operation or could they be split into 20 separate/parallel executions?

- what operations take time? is it in the excel processing on the frontend or database servers time?

- you talk about multiple databases, are there currently multiple platform databases or are you using connections to external databases in this process?


João Rosado