pop3 whole mail body email issue with outlook

i am using pop3 mail , and storing whole mail to database in binary data, but while downloading that  mail as .eml and open in outlook, body of that mail displaying unsupported characters.
eg: ê Ôv:T¹6]$ æbš¥W«´üíõt‘fÕï«CËŽS# )ÑX¹UæÉÉ*ˇ;
please tell me any suggestion regarding this pop3 whole body issue.. 

Hi Sikandar,

Could you give me a bit more info on how you're doing this? I don't know if you're aware, but if you send emails with OutSystems you can get the email content in eml from the Service Center logs.

If you're storing and retrieving the eml from the database yourself, I'll need to see how you're doing it in order to understand where the issue is. Note that eml is a text format...