Excel import: duplicate rows

I am trying to import from a file with a single field in Excel. 

I have 121 data rows. The entity is created OK but when I count the imported data, I see 363 rows. I have imported this file multiple times but each time, I have deleted the entity and associated aggregates, row counters, file resources etc. This seems like a simple request but it is not working correctly. 

Have I missed something? Sample file is attached.

Do you check for "spaced" records?

It's quite possible it "sees" the rows after 121 as filled.

so when you check if something is empty, you should not add that row

Thanks for the suggestion.

I am not checking for empty/null records but I can see duplicates and the row count is exactly three times the expected number. The average is the same as the single record set, as you'd expect if there were duplicates. 

It is as if the entity is not really being deleted...

I have the same issue with a bootstrap. For some reason, when the bootstrap timer goes off, it creates a duplicate of each record. The first time through, it creates two copies of each Excel row - one right after the other. For example, the Excel workbook contains a list: Aaron, Bob, Carson, Tyler. When the bootstrap timer executes, the final entity shows:

ID     Name
1      Aaron
2      Aaron
3      Bob
4      Bob

Any ideas?