I am using OutSystem version 9.1 and I want to use the ListInsert action on an Editable table list. In the Editable Table, I want to have the possebility to copy a record of the Editable Table list and insert this copy record after the original record.

For the properties of the ListInsert action I use the Editable table list, a record and the current row number of the Editable table list for the insert possition.

When I do this, I get the following error message:

Unable to cast object of type 'OutSystems.HubEdition.WebWidgets.CustomWidget' to type 'OutSystems.HubEdition.WebWidgets.IListRefresh'.

Is there a solution for this problem

Hi Jan,

According to me, you want to clone/copy the existing record in your editable table. You might have used some list record as a source to editable table, why don't you use the list append action in your Source list record and refresh your editable widget it.

Hi Manish

    I am using ListInsert and LisAppend but after the first row the others have the same information. I play the debugger but my source list have all the diferent elements, is ok.