I have an issue of solving the validation error, if anybody can help me with that.

I created local variable for a password and confirm password. those two local variables has been used in input. 

And I changed the direction of the confirm password input to screen action called OnChange-Password


Inside the OnChange_password screen action i added this validation and it working fine.

But in the Ok (Submit) screen action i added this validation.

The issue is that the validation reads the failure server action but its not stopping it this point its continuing to next page, so how can i fix this issue to stop the validation to this (point action) if the password or confirm password is wrong. 

and if its right it should continue to create and goes to next page.   

Best Regard

Hi Hind,

Did you try to set the "Destination" property of the button to the "Ok" action (instead of the destination page) where you perform the validation and then if both passwords are correct, add a destination node to the other page?


António Pereira


Thanks António Pereira Its working fine  

Best Regard

Hind Ahmed