User keeps getting all roles?

Strange issue... I have a user in an environment managed by the Users system... for some reason the user keeps getting ALL roles assigned to it. I remove the roles in Users, and logout then log back in... and the roles keep getting reassigned to the user. I've F12'edand "find all usages in all espaces" and NOTHING is going through and re-assigning roles anywhere in the system to this user.

Any suggestions?



Hi Justin,

There is a Role in Users called "SuperUser". Any user with that role, always gets given all other roles.

Could that be it? You can disable that behavior by changing the GrantNewRolesToAdmin site property in the Users module.

João Rosado



Well, on one hand it seems that behavior of the Timer GrantAllRolesToAdmin (for "SuperUser" role), but James mentions this happens after logout and log back in. That Timer usually just runs when Users is published.

Is the action GrantAllRolesToAdmin being called somewhere? (and that user would definitely need to have the SuperUser role)

It *seems* to be fixed now, by removing the "SuperUser" role from that user. Thanks!