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Published on 2018-10-11 by Labs
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Published on 2018-10-11 by Labs

Is there anyone who has an example about how to using map directions like on google maps demo web ?

Hello, Dedy,

Even though Google Maps Mobile doesn't include a Demo module accompanying it, with examples, you can check out Field Services Mobile for an example of its usage with directions (Directory Mobile also uses it, but no directions).

If you have trouble figuring out the logic within the app, please let us know! :)

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

1. Create Local Variable with data type: MapDirections

2. Somewhere in your logic, assign Origin Address, Destination Address and TravelMode (1=car).

3. Assign this variable to Google Maps Mobile's Direction property

This app is really useful, google maps help me find the road which I don't know how to go easier.
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