Change Type from decimal to EUR


I need to change the type in a field from decimal to EUR.

How can I do that?

I already look in Entity Attribute properties and didn´t find anything!


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Can you give an XML example of what you want to accomplish?

I´m sorry, i don´t know what you mean by that... I´m new in this paths! :) Can you discribe to me what I need to show to you?

Sorry and thank you!

Hi Ricardo,

It is not really clear what you mean by "changing from decimal to euro". Can you describe a little less concise what you want to accomplish?


I have na Entity Attribute that I need to be "price" and it need to be in EUR. So, in tables and forms I need it apear in ****,**€. 

It´s clear what I want?


Hi Ricardo,

Any reason why you posted this in "Forge discussion" instead of in "Technology"? Anyway, there's no automatic way to do that. For tables (and other output), you can use the built-in function FormatCurrency.  I'd advise you to create a Web Block though that calls it, instead of calling it directly all the time. For forms there's no out-of-the-box solution, you can check the Custom Masks forge component.

Ok thank you!

I post this in "Forge Discussion" for mistake, I´m new in Outsystems.

I´ll try to do What you write!

Thank you very much!