Microservices Architecture in OutSystems


I noticed the following post:

Microservices Architecture in OutSystems


I like the idea of organizing the application into business capabilities (microservices) where the service boundaries enforce modularity.

For more information about microservices and organizing your application around business capabilities (aggregates) using Domain Driven Design I can recommend the following video:

Developing microservices with aggregates - Chris Richardson


Do you think this is feasible using the OutSystems platform? If not, what needs to be changed?

Anyone would like to share there experiences? How do you communicate between microservices? How did you solve the transaction scope, eventual consistency etc.?

I appreciate your input.




Hmm, dunno why I missed this post.

afaik transaction-scope must be dealt in the calingl app.

consistency is part of the microservices itself. they have to make sure everything is consistent.

unless I am mistaken about mico-services.