Feedback Message 

Feedback Message 


I'm facing an issue with Feedback Message. 

We are displaying a feedback message to user , after he completes the form and submit it.

When the feedback is still visible (until he goes and click cancel ) , if user refreshes the page or clicks F5 the action is being performed again. Say if we had stored data in DB before showing the feedback message , on refresh it is inserting a new row again.  Any pointers on how to resolve this issue.


Are you sure it is the feedback message that causes that? The feedback message is just a visual element (closing it has no server interaction or page data change).

Can you replicate it in a small example that you can share?

Note that in most cases with submit buttons clicking F5 will do exactly that (the browser usually even warns the user that he will be resubmitting form information).


João Rosado