Input Mask for Phone number and SSN not working for MOBILE APP

Input Mask for Phone number and SSN not working for MOBILE APP


Environment : cloud

Platform Version : 10.0.407.0

I have tried using jquery to make input mask work for Mobile Application.

I am using JqueryInputMask web block and trying to bind it with input field ID.

Moreover, I am using extended properties to handle the auto correction in mobile.

However, The mask is not working as expected.

Note: I am consuming web block inside web block. The same approach works fine with Web but not Mobile. 

Hi Archit,

You have $('InputId' + InputId + "')" ... where you probably should have "$('#" + InputId "')"

Btw you should avoid using jquery in mobile apps. Jquery is an heavy JS framework not suited for mobile devices. Prefer other lightweight approaches.

Isn't SilkUI mobile also using jquery?

Silk UI mobile doesn't use jQuery unless you use the old and deprecated Carousel component - there's a new one. Other than that it's 100% jQuery free.


Hi João,

Thank you for your response. I had # in the first place. Later on just to try something else, I passed in the parameter.

Thus, even if you use # , it is not working as expected.

However, We have found another lightweight solution for the problem. There is an out of box function in OutSystems "FormatPhone". We are able to resolve the issue using that function. 


Ok, thanks! I'll pass it on to the team.