OAuth and Consuming Rest service

In this document it is specified that Each REST API will have their own model of security and authentication process, which may imply the creation of an account, the registration for an API key or the usage of tokens. To consume a REST API in OutSystems you must understand and follow the provider’s security model.


Now sure how to Authenticate With a Microsoft account on consuming the Rest service?

Any suggestions?

Hi Andre,

What that paragraph means is that the authentication depends on the service that you are trying to consume. So you need to read the documentation of the service and understand how the token negotiation is done.

Just saying "With a Microsoft account" is way to generic.

Also, for Oauth there are multiple components in the forge that implement the negotiation already with specific service providers. Those components  should serve as a base example for you since Oauth is negotiation is similar in most providers (or there can even be already a component for the one you need).


João Rosado


Sorry, it need to Authenticate with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 account