How can I run animations smooth while fetching/refreshing data in mobile application

Hi everyone,

At the moment i am using a button group to refresh an aggregate. 

After a button is pressed, the aggregate refreshes to filter the data. The blue line at the bottom of a button moves to the button that is pressed with an animation. But this animation is not running smoothly. If i don't refresh the data, this animation runs smooth. Do you guys have any idea how i can make this animation run smoothly even if its causing to fetch data? Maybe it is possible to check if the animation is finished and after that the fetching will start?

Hi Jordi,

That's an interesting pattern. Can you share your app or a demo of it? It would help me to understand the problem.


António Pereira

Hi António,

Sorry for my late response. I will creae a demo and share it in this topic.



Hi Jordi,

Did you find a solution? I'm facing the same problem.

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