I have a question regarding PreviewInDevices which has been raised following a security review,

  Is it possible to disable the PreviewinDevices System component in a specific environment e.g. Production, or to configure PreviewInDevices it so that it can only preview Applications from the same domain?

I have had a quick look around the Community but couldn't see anything regarding this.

many thanks


Hi Neil,

Which version are you using? The version 10.0.408.0 adds a feature to remove the Preview in Devices for Production Environments and there is a Site Property to control that.


António Pereira

Thanks for the response, we are currently on version 9.1.501 (Java Stack)

I don't think you can do that in version 9.1.501 Java Stack, if it was .NET Stack you could move the preview in devices to other zone and it should do the job.

As mentioned by António Pereira from version 10.0.408.0 you can remove it.