Training for a Non Developer Beginner

Hello.  I am pretty much a non developer.  With that in mind, can I start to learn Outsystems by taking the outsystems classes (i learn better in person)?  If yes, which classes should I sign up for (the ones in Atlanta, ga).  If no, can you suggest some pre-requisites I should get?  Or even suggest some pre-requisites before I take an Outsystems class?

Thank you.  Chris

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the OutSystems world :) I hope (I'm pretty sure you will) enjoy!

The classes are a great way to learn OutSystems. 

Also, consider the web/mobile tutorial available in ServiceStudio (the application you use to work with OutSystems) and the online videos available.

Feel free to make questions. The community is here to help you :)


António Pereira

Hi Chris,

You also have classroom boot camps with instructor lead.

You can check them here:

If you have any questions please reach


Maria João Matos