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For all of you that are new to the OutSystems platform, we've created this forum.

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Bom dia,

Ando a pesquisar o que é o outsystems, pois surgiu a hipotese de apostar numa formação nesta área. Pelo que percebi, não me parece serem necessários grandes conhecimentos de programação.Será uma área indicada para uma pessoa já com uma experiencia de muitos anos em programação?

Hello Ana,

and welcome to OutSystems' vibrant community.

Answering your question indeed many developers in our clients and partners have been very successful in moving from previous development experiences into leveraging the OutSystems Agile Platform.

In fact the typical training for an inexperienced developer is just one week of formal training, using the OutSystems Agile Network Academy, followed by actual project experience where he or she is mentored as part of a larger team. This is often further accelerated by replacing the first project by an Associate Developer boot camp.

When we're speaking about someone with previous development experience this process tend to be even faster and developers with experience in traditional technologies typically have an edge in advanced tasks such as in performing non-standard integrations with external systems.

I hope this answered your question.

Feel free to place any further questions or request a better clarification.

Thank you and best regards,
Pedro Oliveira

PS: A good place to learn more about the OutSystems Platform is in our demo center.

PS2: To know more about our training you can check out the training calendar and the training program document.