I have two entities, and a associative entity between those two (this associative entity, inherits the primary keys of the other entities).
Now, I want to list all the entrys of the second entity, with checklists true, if they exist in the associative class.

Which is the best way to do so?


Ps: it wasn´t probably the best explanation, but if you have any doubts, please ask me.
Hi Francisco,

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Could you please help me understand your problem a little better?

Maybe if you post your oml and showing exactly what you want to accomplish...

Thank you.

This isn't my espace but I think its better for you to understand my problem.

I have users, and I have activities. The checkboxes must have true if there is an antru in the ActivityofUser entity with the ID of the user and that activity.

Was I clear?

Thank's in advance for your help,


I hope this example OML does what you need.


(keep in mind you need to create both users and activities before you see something)
Hi Vasco,

Really thank's for your help. Great Advanced query.

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